What pool pump is the best?

You cannot have a pool without a pool pump. The pump is what powers your circulation system and makes the water safe to swim in.

Without the pump, the water would be a breeding ground for bacteria because the water isn’t being filtered. The pump ‘pumps’ the water from the pool and into the pipes around it. Any larger items that fell into the pool accidentally, like leaves or twigs, are caught by a strainer before they enter the pipes to avoid blockages. Then, the water in the pipes goes through a filtering and heating process to remove any potential contaminations before being released back to the swimming pool. This is basically how any pool circulation system works.

Will any pool pump do the job or do you need some specific one? Well, that depends on your individual pool’s specifications, needs, and your pool usage habits. There are three basic types of pool pumps.

Single speed pool pump

Single speed pool pumps operate on one speed setting only. They are the cheapest type which makes them the most popular type of pool pump among pool owners. However, they are not energy-efficient. If you only use your pool once in a rare while then it might not pose much of a problem for you but if you plan on having your pool pump running for most of the year then consider getting another type.

Double speed pool pump

Double speed pool pumps have two speed settings to choose from which is an improvement over the single speed type. The idea behind having two speed settings is that you’re supposed to change the speed according to whether your usage of the pool grows or drops. This saves you money on the electricity bill.

Variable speed pool pump

This is the most advanced type of pool pumps and also the most expensive. The investment is worth it, especially if you use your pool a lot. They have even more speed options which makes them energy-efficient even more than double speed pumps. They can be run all day long for weeks without wasting unnecessary energy. Some models even allow you to preprogram the speed schedule beforehand so that you don’t need to go outside to adjust the settings all the time.

Generally speaking, a single best variable speed pool pump should be enough if you use your pool scarcely or if its volume isn’t too big. The larger and more heavily-used the pool is, the more you should invest in a quality pool pump.

Other factors to consider are the noise level. Unfortunately, many cheap models tend to be quite loud which can effectively ruin your plans to relax on the poolside. The pool pump also needs to be compatible with whichever filter and disinfectant you use. Also, remember to check your local regulations about the minimum water turnover cycles, etc.

Installing a pool is not so simple because there is plenty of other equipment that needs to be purchased. Once you finish, however, you will never be able to look back.